​About the Company

Eight years ago, fourteen-year-old me wanted nothing more than to become a professional soccer player. I knew that I needed to put in extra training to achieve this goal, but all I had was a few basic and boring drills from previous coaches that I was doing a once or twice a week outside of my team practices. I was also 115 pounds, very weak, with average speed and athleticism, and eating poorly. I was on the B-team for my club with no signs of improvement, and I knew that, both athletically and technically, I wasn't where I needed to be to reach my goals. I also knew that my current habits of just going to my team trainings twice a week wasn't going to get me there, so I went to the internet to find a soccer

training program that could help. I found a few instructional training videos and drills, but they were basic and boring. There were also more advanced videos, but they weren't instructional; they were just meant to show off the player's skills and tricks. I found many weightlifting and agility/speed/explosiveness programs, but none that were completely soccer specific. I had to do it the hard way. I made up, copied, and found drills; I tried many weightlifting and  agility/speed programs until I found the ones that worked, and I researched how to formulate a diet in order to gain lean muscle and cut down fat. 

It worked.

Within one  year, not only had I had been promoted to the A team of my club, but I had also been named MVP and Captain. Within three years,  I was halfway through my senior year with offers to play division 1 collegiate soccer from Gonzaga, Oregon State, and UC Davis  (Read the About Me section below for more of my soccer career).  I had transformed my body from 115  pounds to 175 pounds, and at the same time cut my body fat percentage from 9% to 5%. I increased my 40 yard dash speed, vertical jump, and endurance. I went from struggling to bench 85 pounds and squatting 115, to maxing out at 225 pounds on bench press and squatting 275 pounds. I completely transformed myself into an elite level soccer player, but it wasn't easy.

I failed a lot, I wasted a lot of time, but I learned. And now have thousands of drills, tips, tricks, and a wealth of knowledge that fourteen-year-old me would have killed for. I then realized that there are thousands, if not millions, of kids that are in the exact same position that I was in eight years ago. I knew that I could help them accomplish their goals without them wasting the time and energy that I did... and so Become Elite was born.

Become Elite is the ultimate soccer training experience for footballers looking to improve their game. The aim is to create an easily accessible, easy to follow formula for success in the soccer world. Programs cater to beginner level players just starting out, ranging up to professionals looking for an additional boost. Players can choose from a 12  week complete training package with 48 unique training sessions, soccer specific weightlifting programs,
cardio/speed/agility/quickness/explosiveness programs, and nutrition guidelines all customized to his/her skill level and age, or can choose a combination of as many programs based on what he/she needs. For example, a player just wanting to increase his speed can purchase the Speed Program, a player looking to improve his soccer skills and become stronger can choose a soccer training program and a weightlifting program. If there isn't a program suited to your needs, send us an email by using the contact form at the bottom of the page and we will create a program that will work.

Matt's Story

In high school, Matt Sheldon was a First Team All-League, All-City, and All-State selection after scoring 13 goals and 1 assist his senior year. He received offers to play at the collegiate level from Gonzaga, Oregon State, and UC Davis.

In college, he was a four year starter and two time All-Conference selection for the Division 1 level UC Davis men’s soccer team from 2011-2014, scoring 15 goals and 6 assists during his career.

He then competed at the Semi-Professional level for the San Jose Earthquakes U-23’s in 2014, where he led the team in scoring (6 goals) and points (13).

In the winter of 2015, he went on trial with Throttur F.C in Iceland's second division and then was promptly invited into preseason camp with the Vancouver Whitecaps 2. After being cut by the Whitecaps in preseason, he joined with the professional club, Sacramento Republic, as a practice player and played games with the Republic's semi-professional affiliate, Ventura County Fusion.

Following the 2015 season, Matt went abroad to Germany to train/trial with various Regionaliga and Hessenliga teams (4th and 5th tier). He soon signed a contract to play for SG Kinzenbach in the Verbandsliga (6th tier) and finished the 2015-2016 season there as a right winger. In Germany, he notched 3 goals and 5 assists for the team and played in every single game. 

He then signed a professional contract with the Orange County Blues of the USL (3rd tier USA) and played every single minute as a right back for remainder of the season.  

Immediately after the 2016 USL season, Matt signed a new professional contract for 2017 for Saint Louis FC also competing in the USL.  

He aspires to compete at the highest level of professional soccer, help players like you learn tips and tricks to improve your own game, and one day become a high level coach.